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Issued from the very long experience in chain manufacturing of CZ factory (since 1929), the 219 Gold is a classic no O-ring chain that uses high-tech technologies to ensure very long lifetime. 

This chain has been developped in order to supply the top quality racing product for the karting branch all around the world. The top quality certified raw material for these chains is supplied just from the best German and Austrian steel suppliers (in fact the best steel suppliers of the world !)

The complete production process is done into CZ factory : stamping, heat treatment, assembling, including the automatic quality check and pre-stretching process. Especially the pins are manufactured with a special hard surface, wich guaranteed long durability of the chains and fatigue + dynamic resistance.

This know how was developped in CZ chains and it is used for all their high performance products.

Also, the specially developed CZ factory lubrication procedure, including the lubricant quality ensures the chain long durability.

Using the best raw materials and perfect mastery of manufacturing processes, the Gold 219 CZ chain is surely the best chain in this category with very low resistance for « upscale » performance.

 Applications :

  • Mini-kart, Cadet, Junior classes (practices and races)
  • Senior classes (practices or short races

Mounting tips :

  • First of all, you have to fix the engine and align perfectly the front and rear sprockets
  • After that, you need to release the engine to place the chain on the sprocket without any tensile stress to avoid any chain damage
  • Perform the chain tension: it must have a play of 10 to 15mm. After first use then you need to adjust the tension again
  • With a new chain, it is always better to use both new front and rear sprockets


  • The chain must be lubricated before each session in order to penetrate into the spaces between the pins, bushes and rollers to ensure longer durability
  • Do not apply the lubricant on a wet or dirty chain. Moisture or dirt must be removed by air blowing
  • Do never use any  chemical products to clean your chain: they can eliminate the lubrication of the rollers and pins


  • Used 219 Gold chain required inspection: be sure the chain is not seized (lubricating problem) and fits properly on the front and rear sprockets. Also you can check the rollers: they cannot be cracked or damaged.

          If the chain has any of these defects, then replace